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March 11th, 2009

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iTunes music and news from around the world are part of my daily life at world headquarters.

iTunes music and news from around the world are part of my daily life at world headquarters.

Macintosh has been a big part of my life for 26 years. Because of Mac I enjoy working on the computer every day. I seldom have had major issues with my systems over the years (knock on wood). Macs are intuitive, fun, built to handle the heavy stuff and certainly always pushing the envelop.

Today I was working on a rather mundane office task demanding some basic online research. To smooth over the tedium such as this I enjoy listening to a little music to make the work more enjoyable.

I launched iTunes and started searching for music. I checked out folk. Nope  that didn’t  cut it this morning. I went to R &B and that seemed to be the ticket for awhile. Then the songs started deviating from my initial interest so I was back in the music library. The afternoons are generally saved for either a Denver National Public Radio station KCFR or my old college station KUNC so I was searching for something different.

I decided to check out the “Ambient” list and came across Mountain Chill which promoted itself as ” the planet’s destination for chill”. Sounded good to me- a guy that lives at 8,000 feet ought to find something amusing about the music. Sure enough it was easy going, nice variety and it managed to keep my work flow rolling.

I love having the opportunity to listen to news half way around the world on BBC or hear what folks are listening to or talking about say in Chicago as well.

My all time favorite so far though is a station in my neck of the woods affectionately known as KGOAT. KYGT is in the mountain community Idaho Springs just west of me. You talk about a Northern Exposure throwback. If nothing else go online just to see the station’s headquarters. What a hoot.

In today’s times it  is reassuring to know there are still some down to earth, funky aspects of life we can embrace and enjoy.


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