Training Camp is in the rearview mirror

August 25th, 2011

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Fans like to attend training camps. It’s their first look at the team after a six month hiatus. In Denver, they are always greeted with with a combination of the following: HOT days, soaking rain and or threatening lighting,

small sneaky biting flies and a culmination of great plays, good hits and a large dose of boring drills. Beyond the obvious coverage I always look for a little humor and some amusing situations. Here’s this camp’s musings.

Legs can only go so far

Elvis's arms appear to be fine

The ball boys might be wet but the balls are just fine

You couldn't ask for a nicer head coach

Paying attention helps immensely

Fans continue to wear strange things

Even officials working the practices have a hard time staying awake

Demaryius Thomas couldn't bare not working out

Fans took the heat at the Broncos first scrimmage

Brandon Lloyd is all dressed up and ready for the season

Never leave a helmet unattended

Ryan McBean loves practice, loves scrimmages and certainly loves the fans

Looks like a love fest but trust me it IS NOT

Even John Elway stretchess at practice

Never trust a kicker with a ball launcher

Forget practice. Demaryius Thomas is ready for the beach

Kyle has been around long enough he knows how to play catch


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