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A Beaver Moon ?

A Beaver Moon ?

  Viewing full moons at 8000 feet provide lots of entertainment. Often they creep slowly up over the crest of Kinder Mountain east of the house creating mysterious silhouettes. Other times the lunar glow can be so intense that night hikes or snowshoeing are better illuminated than if one had a headlamp. We had a full […]


Spring’s Greatest Gift-White Gold

Spring's Greatest Gift-White Gold

Spring snow falls offer great photos and relief to our Colorado farmers, ranchers and those of us with drinking wells.


There’s Nothing Like Getting Your Hands on Fine Smooth Curves

There's Nothing Like Getting Your Hands on Fine Smooth Curves

One of the benefits of my work is learning something new just about every day from either news sources, research or the people and the businesses they develop or direct or perhaps by the products they produce. Most recently my schooling came from Don Harris. Harris, who lives here in Evergreen, is a career military […]