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Missing the Winged Ones

Missing the Winged Ones

Spring like all the seasons has special meaning to all of us. It’s  a time of intent. New beginnings, rebirths and regeneration. The initiation of a new cycle. And it too, has it’s smells and sounds. One event in particular defines spring for me. Like they have for centuries, the majestic Sandhill and Whooping cranes, […]


Hungry black bears don’t pay much attention to the spring calendar

Hungry black bears don't pay much attention to the spring calendar

I have been diligently monitoring the higher altitude weather patterns , reading wildlife reports and checking with locals to see if the bears have been coming out of hibernation. There  have been no confirmed reports of activity in our  area though certain regions of the state have definitely seen bruin movement recently. With an armory […]


Spring’s Greatest Gift-White Gold

Spring's Greatest Gift-White Gold

Spring snow falls offer great photos and relief to our Colorado farmers, ranchers and those of us with drinking wells.