Good Bye Sticky Notes

June 29th, 2009

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Even Gandalf got tired of my sticky notes!

Even Gandalf got tired of my sticky notes!

I can’t tell  you how elated I was when the upgraded version 3.0 of my iPhone launched and this foreign little icon of a microphone jumped out at me on the screen. It was a voice recorder. A built-in microphone. Do you realize what this has done for my world?

No more sticky notes! No more scraps of paper clinging to whatever crevice I can find to hold the note. And, even better no calendar alerts to myself just to remember how bloody lame my memory can be sometimes.

Years ago I used to carry around a small pocket-size tape recorder. In fact, I still have it buried deep in the back a of a desk drawer figuring I would use it someday on another assignment. It was very handy at times when you really didn’t have time to take notes in the field. You could dictate scenes from photographs, grab folk’s identification and telephone numbers to follow up on a particular comment or element pertinent to the story or project you might be working.

The trouble with those devices were the collection of batteries and the the myriad of tapes you stored for fear you might need that quote or address one more time.

Now I’ll I do is activate the iPhone app and deliver my verbal list of things to do or things to remember to do.

I have a weird feeling though I will want to have a sticky note somewhere reminding me that I have things to do and I should check my iPhone listing!


One Comment for “Good Bye Sticky Notes”

  1. Megan Sonneman Said —

    July 1st, 2009 at 11:44 am

    Absolutely love it!!! It is a great new update. The “to do’s” app is my version of sticky notes.

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